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Special Olympics Volleyball Tourney

This spring, some volunteers from our Volleyball team visited a volleyball tournament put on by the Special Olympics at Rhodes College.  They had a blast!

It was really a blast, earlier in the month a few of us from the team went over and helped with a pratice so a few of the athletes remembered us.

-Veronica, Volleyball

I enjoyed the time that we got spend with this organization, they are some the most encouraging and happiest people I have ever met. They love high fives after good plays. They love to listen and learn what you are teaching them. We also had the opportunity to watch one of their volleyball tournaments at Rhodes College. We made signs and cheered them on. They really liked that we came to watch and gave us high fives after their matches. The director is very passionate about all sports involved, they play all different kinds of sports throughout the year and would really love to be more invovled with the University of Memphis athletics department. It was an awesome experience and I highly reccomend it for all sports teams.  

-Alexis, Volleyball

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